PCF2022, Basel


The PhysChem forum PCF2022 is announced. The meeting, "New modalities: therapeutic opportunities for challenging biological targets" will be hosted by Novartis at their Basel Pavillon in Switzerland on 31st October and 1st November 2022. The meeting will start around 6pm on the 31st and conclude around 5pm on the 1st. As always the plenary lecture will be delivered (to be announced) in the evening of the 31st of October followed by the gala dinner at the Odelya Hotel. PhysChem Forum's meetings are free to attend and delegates are not charged for registration, however delegates will have to pay their own expenses including dinner at the plenary lecture (if they wish to attend), travel, and accommodation.

The registration deadline has been extended until 21st October giving you a final chance to register for this exciting event.

The Novartis Pavillon in Basel


Delegates are responsible for arranging their own accommodation. We have negotiated preferential room rates for those wishing to book accommodation at the designated conference hotel, the Odelya Hotel, Missionsstrasse 21, CH-4055 Basel. There are rooms available with a preferred discount. Please use the promotion code Novartis2210. Please note that after 8th October this promotion code will no longer be valid.

Travel to the symposium

Basel has an international airport and a train station. The hotel can be reached by using the tram 3 and stop at the Pilgerstrasse stop. Alternatively accessible from the stop Spalentor and the buses 30 and 33. Travel on public transport in Basel is free for delegates: from airport to hotel simply show proof of hotel booking; once at the hotel you will be provided with a "Basel Card" which provides free use of public transport (this has been confirmed by the hotel Odelya).

Monday 31st October 2022

Hotel Odelya, Missionsstrasse 21, CH-4055 Basel. Keynote lecture followed by a symposium dinner.

Tuesday 1st November 2022

At the Novartis Pavillon – Novartis Campus, CH-4056, Basel, Switzerland. Google map link and official site map (pdf).


Registration is open, please complete this form. The extended and final deadline for registration is 21st October 2022.


Monday 31st October 2022, at the Odelya Hotel, Basel.

Time Session
Chair Antonio Llinas (AstraZeneca, Sweden)
1800-1830 Drinks and registration
1830-1930 Intestinal absorption of macromolecules: important of permeation enhancers and dosage form design
Prof Christel Bergström (Univ. Uppsala, Sweden)
1930-2200 Symposium dinner

Tuesday 1st November 2022, at the Novartis campus site, CH-4056, Basel.

Google maps link here, directions from hotel here. The hotel will provide tram tickets and directions to the Novartis site, there is no need for delegates to arrange their own tram tickets.

Time Session
Chair Antonio Llinas, AstraZeneca, Sweden
0830-0900 Late registration and poster set-up
0900-0910 Welcome
0910-0950 Chameleonicity to design and optimise drug candidates in the bRo5 chemical space
Prof Giulia Caron (Univ. Torino, Italy)
0950-1030 Oligonucleotides for therapeutic respiratory targets
Erica Bäckström (AstraZeneca, Sweden)
1030-1100 Coffee break and poster viewing
Chair Stephane Rodde (Basel, Switzerland)
1100-1140 Gastro auto-injectors for delivering peptides and antibodies orally
Stephen Buckley (Novo Nordisk, Denmark)
1140-1220 Dendrimers in the new modalities space: identifying critical quality attributes to enable drug product development
Mariarosa Mazza (AstraZeneca, UK)
1220-1240 Flash poster session (authors introduce their posters, maximum 2 minutes each)
1240-1340 Lunch and poster viewing
Chair Karl Box (Pion)
1340-1420 Characterisation and interactions of protein therapeutics with biological fluids
Prof. Tudor Arvinte (Univ. Geneva)
1420-1500 CP-MS: an enabling technology for the development of Radioligand Therapy (RLT) molecules
Patrick Schindler (Novartis, Switzerland)
1500-1530 Poster prize award, coffee, poster viewing
Chair Jonathan Burley (Univ. Nottingham, UK)
1530-1610 In silico exploration of cyclic peptides - conformations, permeability and stereochemistry
Prof. Sereina Riniker (ETH, Zurich)
1610-1650 Targeting microRNA as an emerging novel therapeutic approach
Anna Rydzik (AstraZeneca, Sweden)
1650-1700 Wrap-up and depart

Supporters and sponsors

The PhysChem Forum is very grateful to our host Novartis and our sponsors for helping us run PCF2022 as a free-to-attend event.


ACD/Labs is a leading provider of scientific software for R&D. We help our customers assemble digitized analytical, structural, and molecular information for effective decision-making, problem solving, and product lifecycle control. Our enterprise technologies enable automation of molecular characterization and facilitate chemically intelligent knowledge management.

ACD/Labs provides worldwide sales and support, and brings >25 years of experience and success helping organizations innovate and create efficiencies in their workflows.


Pion is a science-based company providing innovative technology, solutions, support and scientific expertise to the drug development industry. Pion empowers the pharmaceutical research community to use trusted data for the development of new and unique products that make a difference to people’s lives.

The Solubility Company

Our Clients come to us when kinetic solubility data is not enough. The Solubility Company is a trusted preclinical CRO providing physicochemical measurement services based on the proprietary SPA method. The SPA technology enables rapid and accurate solubility screening from less than 100 µg of solid material from anonymous samples!

We offer a range of physicochemical measurement services based on the proprietary SPA method: thermodynamic/apparent/intrinsic/native solubility; dissolution rate; pKa; logP and logD; in buffer solutions, physiological solutions and organic solvents.

Our service laboratory is based in Helsinki, Finland and is operated by a highly skilled team with more than 50 years of experience in pharmaceutical development, high-tech R&D and management.

About the PhysChem Forum

We organise regular free-to-attend meetings with a focus on PhysChem in drug development. Our goal is to generate an environment for informed debate and discussion in a non-commercial setting with excellent networking opportunities. We are supported by many "BigPharma" and smaller pharmaceutical development companies through the input of the PhysChem organising committee. To join our exciting meetings please sign up to our e-mail list by dropping an e-mail to "info at physchem.org.uk"